Fiva`s Leonbergerkull




Fiva's Yarro

Fiva's Yashas

Fiva's Yameenah

Fiva's Yashila


Fiva's Xavier

Fiva's Xeras

Fiva's Xenophanes

Fiva's Xandan

Fiva's Xerxes

Fiva's Xenia

Fiva's Xonata

Fiva's Xaphinia

Fiva's Xcellent Kira

W-kullet/W- Litter

Fiva's Wild Lion at Vi-Vi

Fiva's Wonderful Teddybear

Fiva's Winter Dream for Celtic Lion

Fiva's When You Wish Upon A Star

Fiva's Wagging Willow

Viscount/Viscountess kullet/Litter

Fiva's Viscount Leo

Fiva's Viscount Clutch

Fiva's Viscount Diesel

Fiva's Viscount Clayton

Fiva's Viscount Vincent

Fiva's Viscountess Vinita

Fiva's Viscountess Dixi

Fiva's Viscountess Ronja

Fiva's Viscountess Molly


Fiva's Ulrich Aslan of Sentez

Fiva's U' Name It

Fiva's Uhrania

Fiva's Urt-Hekau

Fiva's Ursa Taika


Fiva's Templeton the Bandit

Fiva's Tinkerbell the Fairy Diva


Fiva's Simba

Fiva's Santo

Fiva's Svanhild

Fiva's Setlocenia


Fiva's Red Lion

Fiva's Right back to Lejonklippan

Fiva's Rollex Aron

Fiva's Raya

Fiva's Rosabella

Fiva's Royal Daisy

Fiva's Rosanna


Fiva's Quattro Stagioni

Fiva's Quality of Flame

Fiva's Quentin-Quinn

Fiva's Quantum of Rock

Fiva's Qaisra

Fiva's Qudina

Fiva's Quiantana



Fiva's Prince Caspian

Fiva's Prince Zimbah

Fiva's Princess Leia Amidala

Fiva's Princess Sarafina Kita

Fiva's Princess Babati


                               Fiva's Overnight Sensation, "Lillemann"                         


           Fiva's Neptun King Valentine  

       Fiva's Nocturn Cool Valentine 

      Fiva's Nickolas Calm Valentine "Putte"  

              Fiva's Natcho Ordinary Valentine "Romeo"

                Fiva's Neville Handsome Valentine 

Fiva's Nikita Sweet Valentine 

Fiva's Nirvana Bright Valentine 

Fiva's Naomi Elegant valentine

    Fiva's Nakoomii Sexy Valentine "Roxy"

Fiva's Nathalie Fancy Valentine

Fiva's Nahla Leah

                                                    M - kullet/M- Litter                                                          

Fiva's M'lady Zaphira/My

Lord/Lady kullet/Litter

Lord Call of the Wild/Buck

Lord Forest

Lord Bobby

Lord West/Loffe

Lord Spencer

Lord Hillbert

Lord Bamse

Lord Of Flame/Lord

Lady Lioness/Lady

Lady Shania/Shana

Lady Brianna/Bri


K - Kullet / K - Litter

Fiva's Kick off/Texas

Fiva's Kanon Kula/Khim

Fiva's Klondyke

Fiva's Knock out to Lejonvinden's/Barock

Fiva's Kashyyyk Chewbacca

Fiva's Kong Bjarne

Fiva's Karo

Fiva's Keiser Nero

Fiva's Kazandra Zitcka

Fiva's Kelly


J - Kullet / J - Litter

Fiva's Jumping Jack Flash

Fiva's Jero King

Fiva's Jascha v Vietingshof

Fiva's Juggernaut/Popeye

Fiva's Jara

Fiva's Jule-Janna v Vietingshof

Fiva's Juicy Fruit


I - Kullet /I -Litter

Fiva's Ivanhoe/Leo

Fiva's Isak

Fiva's Irja

Fiva's Impossible Choice

Fiva's I'm  Shakira

Fiva's Isabella

Fiva's Iris

Fiva's Invincible Virgilia

















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