Lejonklippans Unikum Ulduz                                                        Lejonklippans Simply the Best "Tina"



Fiva's Natcho Ordinary Valentine "Romeo", født (born) 13/2-08

HD: UA  AA: A  Øyne: UA/ Hips, elbows and eyes are clear

Canadian Champion

30-31 juli-1 august 2011

OMG Eva, you'll never guess what happened this weekend. Romeo placed
fourth in Group today and gained 94 points and is the #1 Leonberger in
Canada. The judge today was Kenneth Buxton.

p.s. Romeo won BOB July 30th under judge Donna Buxton, July 31st under
judge Michael Hill, and today under judge Kenneth Buxton


16-17 juli 2011

Canadian Champion

OMG Eva - we had a great time at the Evelyn Kenny Kennel and Obedience
Club at Springbank Park, AB this weekend.
Romeo won BOB both Friday and Saturday and placed THIRD in Group on
Saturday. Friday's judge was Barbara Heal and Saturday's judge was Dr.
John Reeve-Newson.

Romeo og Skjærgaardens Love Bug 

3 april 2009 Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, Dommer/Judge: Lynn Storeshow BIR (BOB)

4 april 2009 Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, Dommer/Judge; Shirley Bell BIR (BOB)